Perception of Pressure and Its Relief Strategies


  • Min-Chuan Huang
  • Hsiang-Lin Huang
  • I-Ping Chen
  • Min-Tsu Huang
  • Ai-Guo Wang
  • Edward Luo

Palabras clave:

SPSS, School counseling center, stress perception, stress relief strategies, multiple enrollment


Whether B5G, based on the new education technology, will be able to make rapid changes
in the development of smart classroom in the future. Based on the high school joint examination
system to promote the multiple enrollment system, the multi-enrollment scheme for senior high
school is actually to get rid of the passive selection mode in the past, and to construct the
standard characteristics of various development in various aspects, such as senior high schools,
senior vocational schools and five-year junior colleges, so as to attract students with different
specialties to study. Students can decide their future according to their own interests and
characteristics. The biggest purpose of implementing multiple enrollment in senior high schools
is to enable students to make multiple choices, study happily, and relieve the pressure of
entering higher education. Based on the scores of basic academic aptitude test, students can
enter senior high schools and vocational schools through multiple channels to study their
favorite subjects. In order to understand the perception of life pressure and coping style of junior
high school students in preparation for entering school, this study used SPSS statistical software
to take samples of junior high school students from Chiayi City, Yunlin County, Tainan City and
other areas. A total of 4,800 questionnaires were sent out, 4,778 of which were valid, accounting
for 99.5%, including 2,177 for boys and 2,594 for girls, accounting for 54%. The results show
that male students and female students have obvious differences in stress perception and coping
methods. In particular, seeking the help of teachers or experts is not the way that students think
can effectively reduce life pressure perception and coping strategies.

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