On the Construction of Automatic Job Hunting System for College Students


  • Min-Chuan Huang
  • Ai-Guo Wang

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Job recommendation, Crwaler technology, MySQL, Software engineering, No access link


As the tutor or class director of the e-generation college students, he always hopes to know
when the students leave school, everyone can learn and apply, and they have found their ideal
job at the same time. Fortunately, today's international community has been in the Internet era,
in the network and app system, you can easily find your own employment information.
Therefore, we want to make a learning and practical graduation project to complete the
automatic job search system for college students, to actively assist students in their urgent needs
and to provide the latest employment market information. The key to the feasibility and success
of this automatic job search system is to actively provide the latest daily development of
employment related industries and professional titles, and to find the job categories and salary
orientation of new recruitment work from the professional recruitment website with the
company's personnel recruitment and job search line, actively to broadcast for the students in
school or just leaving school, and actively to assist students at all levels for measuring their
employment intention and planning my own undergraduate course map. Because the division of
job market and occupation category is much more refined, and the demand enlarges more with
the more and more recruitment websites. The system consists of demand analysis, overall model
design, coding, system development tools selection, and design pattern integration, testing and
completion. The purpose of this paper is to store the position information of the recruitment
website into MySQL through the crawler technology in the database for the system selecting the
job information on meeting their own needs according to the application conditions filled in by
students. The system quickly pushes the latest job information to teachers and students by email,
app and SMS through the contact method selected by students, so as to help teachers, students or
parents on discussion and screening their ideal employment field together. The design ideas and
achievements of this system are shared for all teachers and students for reference.

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Min-Chuan Huang

Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, Associate professor

Ai-Guo Wang

Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, Associate professor

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