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A welcome letter from the President:

Dr.David C.H.Liang

UNIP University is a student-centered learning community. Guided by myself and our professional staff.  We wish to promote not only scholastic proficiency but also instill students’ trilingual ability in English, Spanish and Chinese languages. We provide a multilingual living and learning environment to meet the needs of the world we live in. We welcome you to our “NEW” Managua campus.


To guarantee educational services at the highest level of professionalism through Technical, Humanistic and Christian values with an emphasis on Ethical Solidarity and Democratic principles.


UNIP values the importance of liberal arts education and prepares its graduates for leadership roles in the 21st century. UNIP students and alumni will be ready to take on the challenges of today’s rapidly changing world. Uncertainty will not discourage those who are prepared and those who take pleasure in learning. Critical thinking, self-expression, art and its appreciation, the celebration of diversity, ethics and the spirit of collaboration are some of the qualities we cherish strongly at UNIP.

Along with these basic skills, our students graduate with a solid knowledge of their profession and areas of interest.

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